Robert K Taylor, a former Public Adjuster turned consultant from Sanger, California. He was taught at a young age by his father and other family members that work ethic is a very important skill for getting ahead in life. He used his developed work ethic to become a critical thinker capable of solving complex problems and augmented his listening skills to ensure that he could listen to clients and work with them towards success. He insists that all these skills have allowed him to progress in his industry. He further mentions that consultants take on more responsibility quicker than their peers as the tasks continuously become more difficult and more lucrative. 

When Robert K Taylor is not consulting, he enjoys time with his hobbies. He is an avid fan of the San Francisco 49ers and the Giants and enjoys a good game of golf in the beautiful weather of California. He also enjoys exploring the world and all it has to offer, from fine cigars to aged wines.